To date, this is the only hands-free door opener to have passed official safety testing!


Why touch a door handle if you don't have to? 

Germs collect on door handles and spread from person to person. Our handle keeps hands clean and away from germ-covered door handles.


With many hands-free options available, what makes the JAMM Hands-Free Door Handle the one to choose?


  • ACHIEVED THE HIGHEST TESTING STANDARD. Our handle has been officially tested and is certified as 'Suitable for severe duty’ - BS8424:2004 grade 4 - the strongest grade a door handle can get. Would you install an untested product?
  • EASY TO USE - keep your hands clean by using your wrist or forearm to open the door. 
  • ANTIMICROBIAL PROTECTION. Made with Biomaster, a highly active and natural silver-ion additive that prevents bacteria reproducing and provides a clean sanitary surface (ISO 22196:2011 compliant and meets EPA standards). 
  • MAINTENANCE FREE - Most handles that have antimicrobial protection require re-coating every 3-6 months. The protection in our handle remains active for the LIFETIME of the product and never needs re-coating.
  • VERSATILE - suitable in any location.  Small changes in hardware (email us for these options) allow our handle to fit refrigeration cooler doors, and an adapter clip (available September 2020) will allow our handle to attach to any door handle up to 26mm in diameter. 
  • EASY TO INSTALL - All hardware, bolt covers and instructions are included in the box.  
  • LOWERS RISK - with its patented anti-ligature design.
  • MADE AT AN ISO:9001 FACILITY in the United Kingdom.  



WHAT IS BS8424:2004 GRADE 4?

Grade 4 is the strongest a pull handle can be. We wanted to supply a handle that looked good and was suitable everywhere.
For a pull handle to be certified as Grade 4, it has to pass rigorous testing at an accredited testing laboratory.
A force of 120 kg (264 lbs.) is used to pull and push the handle, this is repeated 5000 times. The handle is then measured, and if it has deformed more than 1 mm (3/64″) from new then it would not comply with the BS8424:2004 Grade 4 standard. Our handle passed the test. We are not aware of any other hands-free door products that have been officially tested. 
Attaching an untested product to your door might compromise building insurance or health and safety regulations. 

Designed to stay clean and to stop the spread of germs. The Hands-Free Door Handle is a smooth and stress-free way to move around your building. 
Buy yours today. 

Hands-free door handle.

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  • For a full refund, all items must be returned in a saleable condition within 14 days of receipt. Please post all items via registered post.

    Our 5 year guarantee on the Hands-Free Door Handle covers damage to the handle caused during normal use. Any damage caused by a mechanical tool ie. being hit with a hammer or scratched with a screwdriver, is not covered by our guarantee.

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