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Made in the UK from food-safe materials, the Egg Roller is the perfect egg holder. It works in or out of the fridge and stores up to 8 Chicken eggs, 7 Duck eggs or 6 Goose eggs. Its straight design means the eggs won't wobble, get stuck or fall off the Egg Roller. Egg Rollers also stack neatly inside one another so they are space-saving in your kitchen. We keep a few chickens in our garden, one of the problems we had was storing the freshly laid eggs. Keeping eggs in a bowl or egg rack was not practical for us, as we would often forget to write dates on our eggs; we had no way of knowing if the egg we were about to use had been overlooked for the past 6 weeks! The Egg Roller was designed as a foolproof way of avoiding this by keeping our eggs in order of freshness. The Egg Roller is a fun and practical way to store your eggs. It displays the eggs beautifully and keeps them fresher for longer. As you remove an egg from the Egg Roller; the remaining eggs roll gently forward - this 180 degree rotation stops the yolk (which is heavier than the white) from sinking through the white towards the shell. The shelf life of an egg is greatly reduced if the yolk touches the shell membrane; this can happen if eggs are not turned regularly. Because it stores eggs in order of freshness, it is perfect in the kitchen for home baking and cooking. If you need a fresh egg for baking, take an egg from the back of the Egg Roller; if you need an older egg for poaching then take an egg from the front of the Egg Roller. Available in 3 colours - Ivory White, Dark Grey, and Black.

Egg Roller

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