• BEST DOORSTOP AVAILABLE - Our doorstop has been independently tested under laboratory conditions and outperforms all other doorstops on all floor types.
  • CONTEMPORARY COLOURS - We manufacture in GB using food-safe materials. We have a range of colours to suit your decor.
  • AVAILABLE IN TWO SIZES - Not all gaps beneath doors are the same size. To check which size doorstop you need; place a pound coin (standing on its edge) and push it under the door (see images). If it fits under the door you; need our JUMBO doorstop, if it doesn't fit under the door you need our Regular doorstop (this listing) - this doorstop is for gaps between 2 and 24mm.
  • STRONG CONSTRUCTION - We go above and beyond when it comes to material selection. We use state of the art materials to ensure our doorstop won't break or let you down.
  • BUY A 2 PACK, 6 PACK or 24 PACK AND SAVE - We love our customers and want them to love us too. Buy for a friend or loved one and save together. 


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  • Other doorstops hold the door from one side and are easily dislodged. They are ineffective, unsafe, and frustrating to use. The Jamm doorstop is different, its curved design fits under the end of the door and stops the door moving in either direction, it won't dislodge accidentally.

    No more slamming doors; trapped fingers or pets stuck in rooms. It is also the extra hand needed when hanging or painting a door.

    The Jamm doorstop is for door gaps of 2mm up to 24mm.


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